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Mold can found in both new and old houses and buildings. It is best to be certain that nothing is floating or growing in your breathing space. We show up to your door and do various reading and documenting of the entire place. Then we suggest for you to do further testing if needed while we are there.
Mold...literally, a growing concern. National media attention has alerted the public to the destructive and possible toxic dangers of hidden mold spores that could affect their family's health and their homes. EPA studies indicate that air levels of indoor pollutants may be two to three times higher than outdoor levels. Mold, the most dangerous offender of all, often goes undetected because of its invisiblity. Most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors and are not aware of the health hazards created by this pollutant. You owe it to yourself to minimize your exposure to mold spores in the indoor environment, test for mold today!
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